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Wow BT's Customer Service sucks!!!!!!!

I bought a BT Delta from a friend about a week ago. After replacing the barrel, the front piece that has the retention screw that hold the barrel in place and the shroud together broke.

I tried to call BT's Customer Service since last week, only to get a recording saying they are busy and please leave a message, we will get back to you soon, they never called back.

Finally got through to them after a week of calling and they tell me that without a receipt, I can't even get the part separate. I was willing to pay for the part, but I'm sure as heck not gonna pay $90 when all I need is a $5 part. They are saying they don't even have spare parts that they could sell. They say all they have is complete shrouds that they will only send out under warranty repairs. Since I bought this marker used, There is no receipt. I will never buy a BT product again. I had an issue with my Phenom, and the Tippmann CS tech didn't even ask about warranty, he just asked for an address and sent the part out.

I even know people who called Tippmann and told them something was there (marker owners) fault, and Tippmann sent the parts out anyways.

I did like the BT Delta a little better than the A5, because they are basically a mix of the best stuff from an A5, and the best stuff from a 98, plus you have the Rip Clip. Now I have found a reason to go back to Tippmann over BT.

All I can say is they have no idea how to treat there customers right, and because of that, I will never buy a BT product again. And I am posting this on every paintball forum I know of in hopes that it will save others from having the same problem I am.


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Thanks for the warning, I was about to get a TM7 but now I believe I will just wait and get a Phenom.



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I have to say Tippman is the way to go about using a marker that will last you long.  They are very professional when it comes to dealing with their customers.  That is why both of my boys that plays with my team both have Tippman markers.  They are not worth the price and very durable and will last you long if you take care of them.



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contact a "higher up" from BT so it can get resolved.....maybe that person you talked to didnt know or didnt care...believe it or not there are some people out there  that are like that.......just my 2 cents





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