Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I join the MilSim Brotherhood?

By joining the Brotherhood, you are pledging to play Airsoft and/or Paintball in the most honorable and safest way as described in our Code of Honor, thereby becoming an ambassador of the Brotherhood.


Do I have to pay anything to join?

No, you may join the Brotherhood and maintain a membership free of charge. All we ask is that you promote the Brotherhood.


Is the MilSim Brotherhood a large team?

No, the Brotherhood is a large loose knit organization that is made up of players that want to keep Airsoft and Paintball fun and safe for everyone.


Why do you govern Scenario and Woodsball as well as MilSim, aren't they all different?

If you take a look at how paintball started (being played in the woods and based on honor, sportsmanship, and integrity) then you'll begin to understand... (View the bottom of this page).


What can I do to help?

There are many ways you can help the Brotherhood achieve our goal, you can find some here.


I have many other sites that I use, do I have to stay active on this site?

No, by signing up you are making your pledge known to all, and that is one of the most important things you can do to help.


Do you have any patches that we can wear on our uniforms?

Not at this time, we are open to the idea and we have a poll for members interested in patches to vote for on this page.


What is the point of all of this, doesn't everyone know how to play safely, and what's the point of all the honor and integrity?

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to play safely, and some choose not to. It's up to us to take precautions to make sure these players are informed of the safest way to play Airsoft and Paintball. The honor, integrity and sportsmanship are what makes our Code of Honor, and that is what unites us all and gives us something to strive for and to teach new players.


Why does MilSim Brotherhood support Airsoft and Paintball?

MilSim is MilSim is MilSim
















MilSim Paintball -
Military Simulation Paintball is paintball played in a manner that portrays a military unit. Starting with the very way that you dress, camouflage, vests, combat boots and etc. Weapons must look and act similar to military firearms, in some sort of fashion. Comms are also utilized to aid in the effectiveness of stategies and tactics.

Scenario Paintball -
Scenario Paintball is basically a large scaled paintball game played with a storyline as the priority of game play. For example: A BlackHawk Down scenario would consist of two main elements... The U.S. and the Somalis, missions would be laid out for each side to earn points and the story would go in order much like in the movie or actual event. Each mission accomplished adds points to the teams tally and in the end the team with the most points wins.

Woodsball -
Woodsball is simply just paintball played in the woods. It is the oldest and truest form of paintball. Paintball started out being played in the woods back when paintball itself began. To play woodsball, it doesn't really matter what you wear, or what type of marker you use, it's just a matter of going into the woods to play paintball, typically with a group of friends. However, some woodsball leagues have been formed and have made woodsball more competitive than in the beginning.

Why does the MilSim Brotherhood govern MILSIM/SCENARIO/WOODSBALL?
Simple... If you look at how paintball started (being played in the woods and based on honor, sportsmanship, and integrity) then you'll begin to understand.
From Woodsball (the beginning) came many forms of paintball, the three that still have something in common... MILSIM,SCENARIO,WOODSBALL.. They still, at some if not most times, are played in the woods which implements a need for an honor system due to refs not being able to govern an entire woodsball or scenario field. Also, in some cases there may not be a ref at all. The game may have been designed that way in reliance totally on a Code of Honor. These are all reasons why players should follow a Code of Honor if they choose to play paintball in the woods.

Why do we not govern Tourney and Speedball and etc? These forms of paintball are based on smaller, more typical types of fields so that refs can monitor almost each and every movement (similar to a game of basketball or football). This was the idea when these forms of paintball were introduced,.. to make paintball into a commercially viable sport. Therefore, these types of players do not necessarily need to play by a Code of Honor, though it would be great if they would (especially those that play several types of paintball). Many players play Speedball and Scenario. Does this mean that they are not welcome here? No. If anyone fits into one of our governed categories of play, then they can benefit by joining us.

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