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AAR: 07-30-11 RE: S.C.A.-UP MK-7P

Posted by the professional Pro on July 30, 2011 at 2:25 PM


After Action Review 07-30-11

Master Sgt. Caleb 'Pro' Brown

Red Dawn, Fireteam Delta



RE: Small Caliber Arms Weapon Upgrade:

      Designation: MK-7P

      Manufacturer: Tacamo

      Caliber: .68



Testing Information:

     Test Type: General Combat


     Location: Personal Armory


     Time: 07-30-11, 0900- 1200 Zulu

     Weather: Clear, Warm





  I was previously well acquainted with the S.C.A. designated 'X7 Phenom' before the field test and held high regard for it's combat effectiveness. This upgrade, designated 'MK-7P', proved to be very much the same as I expected-effective, simple and needing to be modified. It arrived in unspectacular, formulaic packaging. It only took about ten minutes to switch internal components over and reassemble, but I took quite some more time as I inspected every facet of the product. For the most part, everything went together smoothly, but there were some unimpressive fitments between the magazine well and the lower portion of the receiver.


  It's pretty obvious to see what you have to do. Strip all external parts. Pull f/s [field-strip] pins and remove the engine and bolt. The kit will require you to use the hardware from your OE receiver [which seems really cheap me, $120 per and you don't send 3 effin screws?!?] Also, switch over the OE thread adapter. Insert bolt and engine into new receiver halves [with grease, of course]. Negative points right here- there is only ONE frigging internal surface that actually has moving parts- it is the portion of the tube around the bolt, and it is the ONLY part covered in black over-spray. Polishing this surface is recommended.

  Back on the outside, install the side feed-port filler, then magazine well is likely to need to 'persuasion'. Several Negative Points- There is a forward screw/hinge that required a ball-peen to make the nut seat and the screw is METRIC. Why is there one stupid metric, 3mm screw when every other receiver screw is .0125"?!? I recommend you keep a X-acto knife and a bastard file [needle files if you have them] handy for this part. The magazine well will require some force to make it seat, but it will work. It can be made to fit very nicely with a little filing around the hinges and trimming the mold lines. This is something I don't think you should have to do when you spend this kind of money on an upgrade, but there it is. I also think, that in the modern age of firearms, that ambidextrous controls should have been implemented. There is a little bit of a reach between the mag release and the trigger, and I think most people would have appreciated extended release controls. One last Negative, the picatinny rails don't line up right on top. Receiver assembled, put on the furniture.

  One note about the barrel shroud, the first three notches must be cut off of the bottom rail in order to use the OE shroud.


  It shoots pretty well. I can't tell for sure yet, but I think the ball detent being on top of the ball instead of under it is having a miniscule positive effect on flattening trajectory... possibly adding a touch of backspin or just not adding a front spin, further testing required.



  It was a semi- cool morning [ high 60's] and as the morning progressed it became increasingly hotter [high 90's, currently effin 98*]. Clear.


Factory Model Score/ Notes-

+Function/ Design_______: A-  :distaste for the mag-well hinge, looks like the hooks could be broken too easily


+Design Execution_______: A-  :attention to manufacturing detail was a bit low


+Function/ Reliability_____: A+ :solid, no cheap parts


+Cleaning/ Dis-assembly_: A+ :no tools required, easier access to breach


+Ruggedness___________: A  :seems impervious to dirt, mud, debris, but not confident about mag-well (see 'Design')




Final Grade: A






Improvements To Be Desired In Model


O Ambidextrous, extended magazine controls.

O Angle Mag-well chute for quicker mag insertion.





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Reply milsimbrotherhood
11:43 PM on October 7, 2011 
Excellent review!

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