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NEW MCM K1 Paintball Marker

Posted by NCO on March 27, 2011 at 10:57 PM Comments comments (0)

NEW MCM K1 Paintball Marker





From the engineers at Modern Combat Manufactured comes the new standard in mil-sim realism: the MCM K1 Marker. Achieving a new height of realism, the K1 Marker is the first paintball marker to truly emulate the bullpup design found in the FN Herstal P90 personal defense weapons and the new wave of light, fast, high-cyclic rate carbines.

With the action behind the trigger group, a top-mounted magazine in line with the bore, and a compact presentation with four integral sight and accessory rails, the MCM K1 Marker puts amazing firepower in a compact package.

This bullpup paintball marker is ready to rock with a 43 shot magazine that keeps a round in the chamber at all times. Pull the trigger, the MCM K1 Marker goes bang, and your opponent's hand goes up. It's as simple as that.

Every time.

When you need a little more firepower, switch to the optional 144 paintball magazine. Rotate the selector lever from semi-auto to burst or full-auto, and avail yourself of the MCM K1's three combat-ready fire modes.

To keep the MCM K1 Paintball Gun balanced and truly authentic, an 8 cubic inch air tank is hidden inside the bullpup stock. Good for upwards of 150 shots before needing a refill, this tank gets you through four standard magazines or one high-capacity 144 round magazine without needing to be refilled.

When even that isn't enough firepower, the MCM K1 Paintball Gun has you covered with an unobtrusive ASA at the stock's leading edge. Hook it into a remote line and accept air straight from the tank on your back…as you swap out high capacity magazines all day long.

The integral sight rail is ready to accept the red dot sight of your choice, and comes with an emergency iron sight built in. Attach your choice of red dot or night vision sight, and then attach flashlights, lasers, paintball grenade launchers, or other tactical accessories to the other three body rails. The built-in tactical foregrip is contoured for your support hand to get a positive grip, with your thumb resting right by that fire mode selector.

When you're ready to rock a compact, bullpup-style PDW, you need the Modern Combat Manufactured K1. From the hidden air source to the high capacity magazines, from the cutting-edge ergonomics to the Tippmann-threaded interchangeable barrel, the MCM K1 is ready to take your game into the 21st century.

Modern Combat Manufactured –Combat Simulation for the 21st Century.

K1 Marker Coming to a store near you summer 2011



Operation End War

Posted by NCO on August 19, 2010 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Operation: End War - Modern Warfare You Can Live





Take the thrill of playing urban combat video games; take the adventure of scouring broken Third World streets for bad guys, and hunting evil doers down with an M4 Carbine; get your heart pumping in the backwaters with your pistol on your hip and your rifle in your hands... do it for real.

And come back alive.

That's the kind of adventure you don't forget - the kind of action you can't turn off, or reset, or pause. It's the sort of adventure that challenges more than your eyes and thumbs - it tests your muscles and endurance, your aim with a rifle and your raw courage.

That's the kind of adventure on offer this October 2-3 at TAG Paintball in Hollister, California, at "Operation: End War."

We've spun a scenario that pits the Russians against the European Alliance, against the US Marines, in a post-nuclear battle for survival, sovereignty...and a lot of money.

This event is unique among paintball scenarios: it's the first ever to strictly limit participants to using magazine-fed markers. This keeps the firepower realistic, as players have only so many shots per reload as do real soldiers with 20 round you can't just spray-and-pray like in so many other scenario games.

The game is different when it's real like this - when the fantasies come alive and the incoming fire thumps your chest as it hits. Then the game becomes an adventure, and you live a story you'll never forget.

This October, leave the disc in the computer and make the game come to life.



Great Selection of Patches

Posted by NCO on July 31, 2010 at 10:53 PM Comments comments (0)


Those of you that have served or are serving may already know this but you can get many kinds of morale patches here: They also have many of various symbol patches if you need a patch for your team.


One of my favorites:

Camp Blanding to Re-Open to Paintball

Posted by milsimbrotherhood on July 30, 2010 at 9:07 AM Comments comments (1)

Camp Blanding to Re-Open to Paintball!


July 29th, 2010 at 5:11 pm -


BLUE, DEUCE, and DRAXXUS bring PAINTBALL BACK TO BLANDING! “BLANDING CONQUEST” The date is set for February 19th ands 20th of 2011 and BLUE and DEUCE are bringing south the “Pure Paintball Insanity” of CASTLE CONQUEST and using BLANDING for a true Town Assault and Defend.

Anyone that has played this MOUT site will realize what a great venue this will be and it is perfect for a 3 to 1 odds game. DRAXXUS will be producing a Custom ECOFILL Military Paintball to their specifications for this and all future games. For more information and to register, go to  within the next few days. Any Vendors wishing to attend this event, contact BLUE at [email protected].

This game is going to be capped at 900 players and it is expected to be full by the end of the year.

Latest News

Posted by milsimbrotherhood on July 27, 2010 at 9:34 PM Comments comments (0)

One of our affiliates known as Tactical Replicas has changed and upgraded their entire online store and are now going by SOS Tactical. Please visit their website and stay tuned for more items and updates!

AAR: X7 Phenom

Posted by Red Commander on January 18, 2010 at 9:23 PM Comments comments (5)

AAR: 01-17-10 RE: S.C.A. X7 Phenom

Posted On 01/17/2010 11:22:00 by theprofessionalPro

After Action Review 01-17-10


Master Sgt. Caleb 'Pro' Brown

Red Dawn, Fireteam Delta

RE: Small Caliber Arms Weapon:

Designation: X7Phenom

Manufacturer: Tippmann Pneumatics

Caliber: .68

Fire Capabilities: Semi-auto, Burst-3, Full-auto, Response, Turbo

Testing Information:

Test Type: Close Quarter Combat

Location: Red Dawn's C.Q.B. field

Time: 01-16-10, 0900- 1630 Zulu

Weather: Poor


I was previously well acquainted with the S.C.A. designated 'X7 Phenom' before the field test and held high hopes for it's combat effectiveness based on my first impressions. This proved to be very much true as the day started and solidified as the day progressed. I am well pleased with the over all performance of this factory base model and hope to see various improvements over time- these improvements are listed at the end of my report. However, just because I was initially impressed does not mean I am presenting a biased report, contrarily, I put the 'Phenom' through it's paces and then some and it never showed any signs of malfunction. It loves the dirt and grime that comes with the job.

Bore And Ammunition

Multiple ammo types were used during this field test: 1] Zing- which is, in my opinion, absolute garbage and will never be purchased again; 2] Recon- which is, in my opinion, a reasonable compromise between cost and quality; 3] DXS- which is, in my opinion, a very high grade ammo and 4] Visible Impact- which I find to be very un-impressive and leaving much to be desired. Barrel [Bore .693] performance with listed paint as follows: Ammo '1' [.685] prove to be worthless yet again as not even the 'Phenom' could place it on target and it broke in the barrel every tenth shot. Ammo '2' [.679] performed decently, raising my kills significantly with it's higher roundness consistency. Paint '3' [.676] was to small for the bore size, and though could be accurate was inconsistent due to the large bore spread of .017inches. Ammo '4' [.682] was largely inaccurate despite it's larger bore size due to it's inconsistencies in shape and ball to ball size. This leaves me to believe that a high quality barrel with a smaller bore is necessary as I regularly use the smaller bore paint, DXS and Recon.


It was a cool morning [ low 50's] and as the wind brought rain in the afternoon it became increasingly colder [low 40's]. This, of course, dropped air efficiency levels, paint quality levels and effectively raised pain infliction levels.

Factory Model Score/ Notes-

+Function/ Design______: A+ :easy to operate in high tension situations, distaste for plastic cyclone axle and piston

+Function/ Reliability____: A+ :not a single gun/ loader related misfire/ chop in 2900+ rounds

+Accuracy____________: B- :barrel is fair, but far too over sized [.693] to fire accurately with average [.680] size ammo

+Cleaning/ Disassembly_: A+ :no tools required, disassemble, clean and reassemble in 3 mikes or less

+Efficiency____________: A+ :roughly 1100 rounds fired from an 88C.I. High Range [regulated @ 850PSI]H.P.A. tank @ 2000 PSI

+Ruggedness_________: A+ :incredibly impervious to dirt, mud, debris, cold, rain, paint and other goo

+Trigger Pull/ Feel______: A+ :very comfortable to hold, relatively light weight, very smooth trigger, S.E.F. switch locks firmly in place

Final Grade: A+

Improvements To Be Desired In Tactical Model

O Adjustable butt stock for a steadier more accurate shooting platform

O Slightly longer barrel with bore sizing capabilities for a more consistent and accurate shooting platform

O Quality metal aftermarket parts to replace Cyclone axle and piston

O Red dot sight such as Reflex, ACOG or Eotech for faster, more precise Target Acquisition

Recruitment Campaign

Posted by milsimbrotherhood on January 9, 2010 at 1:46 PM Comments comments (0)

Let's get this year started out right by recruiting more members so we can increase the amount of players that play by the Code of Honor, thereby improving game quality worldwide.

Invite your friends, team members, and spread the word on forums and elsewhere. Explain to them that this is not just another paintball network site, and that by joining is a way to encourage and unite players that play with honor, integrity, and sportsmanship.

Thank you all for helping this organization get started!


Feel free to use this banner for your forum signatures on any forums you use:


Or follow this link for banners and logos that you can place on your website:

TRG Review

Posted by Sandbox Fedaykin on December 2, 2009 at 11:48 PM Comments comments (3)

Hey brothers, Grey Ops has reviewed the Tactical Race Gun Compensator for the Tiberius T8 from Underground Mod Shop. Check it out right here: Click me!

Heavy Weapons

Posted by the professional Pro on October 31, 2009 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (7)

 Pro here. Recently confirmed a theory of mine, here is what I have learned about M203 40mm paintball GL's: Everyone knows you can get them at RAP4. Everyone does not know they are overpriced at RAP4. RAP4 does not make their launchers (and many other items that they claim). They buy them in bulk, paint 'RAP4' on them and sell them overpriced. It's not that I don't like RAP4- I do- I'm just careful what I buy there and don't buy there. If you are interested in buying a M203, DO NOT BUY IT FROM RAP4! Google 'Mad Bull Airsoft'. Get the launcher at 60% and the charger at 75% of the cost at Mad Bull.The most used  type of shell is M68's/XMPB4- this is the same shell, just a depends on which site you are at as to what they call it.  Buy the shells at RAP4 in bulk for a major savings(as much as $350) or one at a time at Mad Bull($70 vs $85 at RAP4). Get 6mm paintballs at ActionVillage for $8 over RAP4's $15. Hope you read this before you buy, it'll save you some major bones. I KNOW THIS TO BE FACT! I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF AN M203 LAUNCHER AT $150 vs $269(it's [email protected]$$) Pro out.

Win Boots for Life!

Posted by Red Commander on October 16, 2009 at 11:26 AM Comments comments (1)

Submit pics of your old worn out boots along with their story and you could win boots for life!


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